Sunday, September 19, 2010

Future Memory of Revival

Kim Clement refers to some dreams as 'future memories'. At times God will take us in a dream to some point in the future and allows us to see it for a brief moment. This was one of those moments.

On August 30th 2010 I had the following dream:

The dream began during a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit that had been going on for quite a while in our area. (I'm not certain what the entire scope of the geographic region was. I just knew it was the Olympia area) In the dream we were living every day in a strong, sustained outpouring of the Holy Spirit. I didn't get much detail on what specifically was going on as far as miracles, salvation, etc.

Dave McLain, myself and a few other friends (I didn't recognize most of them in the natural, except that perhaps Joe Myering was one of them - I can't be sure because I've never met him in person) were sitting at a table discussing the current revival and how it had manifested in different places in town. One of the significant things in the dream was the tangible presence of God. I could feel the weight of glory on me as we talked.

We seemed to be at a place where worship music was playing. I saw bright lights and heard a festive crowd cheering in the background. I don't recall many of the details of the conversation, though we talked for a considerable amount of time. I remember talking about some of the miracles we'd seen and the cool ways God had touched so many people in town.

Just before I awoke from the dream, Dave McLain told me about one event that I remembered after I woke up. He mentioned the time that the glory of God first came to the church called 'Glory House' in Olympia. He reminisced fondly about how deeply Dennis Teague was affected by that particular move of God, which Dave said had happened 4 years earlier.

After he said this, I woke up and spent a few minutes collecting memories of the dream, then wrote it down. I believe I woke up pretty close to 12:25, because when I looked at the clock after writing the dream down it was 12:30.
(End of dream)

We were four years into a strong, sustained outpouring of the Spirit and it was still as powerful as when it began. Several different leaders from different churches in the area were involved. I believe God wants us to know that it's coming. It will not be about one church, one man or one city. It will be a regional move with widely different effects wherever it comes.


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