Saturday, January 15, 2011

Are You Willing?

How far is too far? Does forgiveness of sin really mean "it's as if it never was?" When it comes to betrayal, do we extend trust until the person gives us reason not to? How much is that going to hurt? Holy Spirit what do you think of all this? Am I a risk taker or not? Can I pray for healing for the body and ignore the pain in my close relationships because it's too hard to speak of the white elephant? Will I risk the personal pain and hurt to see His glory and His promises fulfilled in loving others?

These are the questions I have been seeking answers to. Not just from the latest book or teaching; but in my life, with my friendships, with the relationships He brings about. Jesus has brought me into friendships with others that I never would have picked on my own. But, oh! How GOOD He has been in the midst of them! His glory and power are all over them!

It is entirely another thing to be able to freely share the stories though. We can share stories of miraculous healings because it's not necessarily as personal. So, I write to encourage anyone else asking the same questions. God is opening closed hearts and He is using us, every day, in seemingly normal encounters, we bring grace to those He gives us. Just choosing to look for ways to show love is a valuable tool of healing.

I was so convicted of not being willing to truly walk out forgiveness all the way down it's long and often windy path to real reconciliation. Am I willing? The whisper of Papa..."will you go? will you trust Me to keep your heart safe?" In the setting of friendships and relationships Holy Spirit has place to flourish all involved. Of this I am certain. Healing hurts, removing painful memories, replacing them even with good memories; there is no limit to the ways Jesus creatively makes us whole!

So as we grow in Christ together, my heart is to shout out YES!!! I AM WILLING! Daddy, give us the grace to be willing to be ridiculous, hilarious lovers of others! Pour out through us as only You can!

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